Thursday, November 12, 2009

Student Performance This Weekend Commemorates Douglass High School, A Site of Struggle Against Segregation in New Orleans Schools

Amidst the chaos in New Orleans' schools, children continue to organize and express their talent in many ways. One of the brightest spots of the past few years has been the student performers of a group called Creative Forces, based out of the Science and Math Charter School.

Creative Forces is hosting a Variety Show called "Show What You Know," happening this Saturday at 6:00pm at the 1600-seat Art Deco-style Frederick Douglass High School Auditorium. Charmaine Neville hosts a wide array of brilliant performers.

The evening also coincides with 49th anniversary of integration in New Orleans schools, and Douglass High School - with its important history as a site of Civil Rights Movement struggle - is a great place to gather on this important evening. According to organizers, "This event is a symbol of unity in the face of gentrification. We are not only featuring our students, who are from all over the Recovery School District, but Douglass students, and members of the community. There will be a couple doing tango; a sister brother act singing and rapping; poetry; and much more. Please come out to support the community. Tickets are only $5."

Organizers say that the event is possibly the last performance by Creative Forces, as well as potentially the last year of Frederick Douglass High School. Come out to celebrate with these students, as we struggle for better choices and opportunities for all of our young people.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a flier I made to help folks fight gentrification in their neighborhoods by getting organized:
"Neighborhood Tenant/Homeowner Alliance"

Feel rfee to give out this template to people at this event if you could!