Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Local Criminal Justice Activist Faces Unjust Charges

Local Criminal Justice activist James Williams is facing criminal charges as a result of racial profiling and a wrongful arrest he suffered in Harahan in April of last year. He is currently scheduled to stand trial on at 9am on Thursday, November 19th in Jefferson First Parish Court (924 David Drive), and he is encouraging friends and allies to come out and support him.

According to James, "I was the passenger in a car that was pulled over in Harahan for minor traffic violations. Apparently, I angered the officer by asking why he wanted my driver's license rather than the driver of the car. Next, the officer ordered me out of the car in a visibly agitated manner and proceeded to both verbally and physically abuse me. He then arrested me without telling me - or the driver of the car – the reason. I was later charged with "Battery on a police officer" and "Resisting Arrest," although I did not fight with or resist any officer on that night."

According to a list of Frequently Asked Questions from the Justice for James campaign, "Too many police behave in the low income neighborhoods as if they are above the law and untouchable by community members. Racial profiling, wrongful arrest, and officer misconduct are injustices that strain family structures and drain finances in the form of bail, fines, and lost work hours. We should support James because you or a loved one could go through the same thing next week."

You can read the full story, as told by James, here, or see James explain the case on youtube, here.

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Anonymous said...

we appreciate this blog keeping the local community informed on such local police and race-based abuses in local and state government...keep up the great work, and hopefully this community will stand with James against such unfair and unjust treatment!