Sunday, November 29, 2009

How Much Will the New LSU Hospital Cost the City?

An article in today's Times-Picayune notes that Louisiana's Road Home program paid owners of 41 properties at least $3.2 million to rebuild in the area now under threat of being torn down to build a new hospital campus.

According to the article, these properties "are among the 432 residential, commercial and vacant parcels the state is in the process of expropriating to make way for the hospitals."

Bobbi Rogers, who moved into the neighborhood post-Katrina, told the Picayune "I'm 100 percent sure we would not have bought this house had we known we couldn't stay, and I'm 99 percent sure we would not have bought in New Orleans at all . . . . We're leaving if they take our house."

For more news and updates from the fight to save Charity, see the Save Charity blog, which last week had an amusing (and sad, if you want a functioning city government) item about two City Council members' battling alarm clocks.

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