Friday, November 6, 2009

Concerned Mothers and Children Denied Access to Senator Landrieu

This morning, at 11:45 a.m., the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Children’s Defense Fund Stroller Brigade – parents, grandparents, and children in strollers – made their way by bus and car to the federal building to meet with Senator Mary Landrieu to stand up for critical change needed in health care reform to protect our children. Senator Landrieu knew in advance that “The Strollers Are Coming.” But instead of meeting these concerned moms, dads, and children, she sent out the federal police to deny them all access to the building. “Senator Landrieu’s office is closed and you may not enter the building ,” was the pronouncement by the U.S. Marshall Service officers.

Reached for comment this afternoon, Senator Landrieu’s Washington, D.C. Office personnel stated, emphatically, the Baton Rouge office had not been closed and, indeed, Senator Landrieu is in Louisiana today.

The Champions for Children’s Health Stroller Brigade Rally moves to New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday, November 7th, with a rally on the steps of the Hale Boggs Building 500 Poydras and a parade to the River at New Orleans Council for Young Children Monument in Woldenberg Park. Events will begin at 9am and parade will start at 10am.

We extend, again, the invitation to Senator Landrieu to meet with our moms, dads, and children to discuss health care reform.

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