Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Struggle to Save Charity Hospital Continues to Move Forward

Lately there's been some big news in the struggle to save Charity Hospital.

From the folks at

"The Commission on Streamlining Government, by a 7-3 vote, moved to order the first independent evaluation of the proposed LSU/VA medical centers, weighing all possible alternatives with regard to location, size and financing. The vote is a stunning victory for advocates of Charity Hospital, Lower Mid-City residents and business owners, in addition to healthcare access activists. An independent evaluation of the hospital proposals represents a critical demand of a growing coalition of more than 80 organizations, and over three quarters of registered New Orleans voters..."

The Save Charity organizers invite you to come join them for a celebration at a block party this Saturday, November 21st from 6:00pm – 9:00pm on the 200 block of S. Tonti (between Cleveland and Palmyra). The party will feature food, drinks, and live music from Charmaine Neville, the Hot 8 Brass Band, and others.

Photo by Taslim VanHattum.

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