Friday, July 22, 2011

Highlights in Local Activism Against the Prison Industrial Complex

Here on the Louisiana Justice Institute blog, we have been following developments in the Danziger Bridge investigation and other police violence and corruption cases, as well as activism against abuses at Orleans Parish Prison and other aspects of the Prison Industrial Complex, since early on the history of this blog. From protests to lawsuits and reports and criminal prosecutions, we have reported on resistance to the criminal justice system in this city and state. Below is a collection of some highlights from our reporting over the past few years.

2011 Danziger Bridge Trial:
-Did New Orleans Media Contribute to Police Violence After Hurricane Katrina?
-Danziger Trial Presents Opportunity for Systemic Change.
-Chilling Testimony in Opening Weeks of Danziger Trial.
-Danziger Bridge Police Trial Exposes NOPD Corruption... Again.
-Lawyers for Police in Danziger Shootings Offer Passionate Defense.
-Prosecution rests in Danziger trial.
-Defense rests in Danziger Trial, Insisting Victims were armed.

Additional 2011 Reporting:
-January 2011: Prisoner Abuse at Tangipahoa Parish Prison.
-January 2011: Baton Rouge further criminalizes sex workers.
-February 2011: In Louisiana, Odds of a Death Sentence 97% Higher If Victim is White.
-February 2011: Activists Harassed During Vigil at OPP.
-March 2011: NOPD attack Mardi Gras parade.
-March 2011: First National Conference of Formerly Incarcerated Persons Convenes In Alabama.
-March 2011: US DOJ report on NOPD.
-March 2011: Louisiana's Crime Against Nature law.
-April 2011: Raymond Robair trial.
-May 2011: The Waguespack family and the NOPD.
-June 2011: Will Judge Raymond Bigelow Face Investigation?
-June 2011: Jena Six activist sentenced to 15 years in prison.
-June 2011: NOPD continues to target sex workers.
-June 2011: Sex Offender Registration for Sex Workers Ends in Louisiana.

2010 Reporting:
-February 2010: Officers fight charges and reform.
-March 2010: Activist Parnell Herbert discusses police accountability.
-March 2010: Police harassment of Mardi Gras Indians caught on video.
-March 2010: Police harassment of "copwatch" activists challenged in court.
-March 2010: LJI calls for federal intervention in the NOPD.
-March 2010: Police Association of New Orleans Works to Protect Killer Cops.
-April 2010: Questions raised about search for new police chief.
-April 2010: Landrieu blasts critics in police chief search.
-April 2010: New coalition, Community United for Change, challenges NOPD.
-May 2010: M. Endesha Juakali discusses history of struggle against NOPD violence.
-June 2010: Community United for Change continues to challenge NOPD.
-June 2010: ACLU of Louisiana Releases Report on NOPD's Lack of Respect for First Amendment.
-June 2010: ACLU of LA challenges Gusman's plans for larger prison.
-June 2010: Guest commentary on juvenile justice.
-July 2010: Report on LGBT youth in juvenile justice system.
-July 2010: Torture in St. Tammany jail.
-September 2010: Activists march across Danziger Bridge.
-September 2010: Small successes at the Innocence Project.
-October 2010: Why New Orleans needs a smaller jail.
-October 2010: How the NOPD (mis)uses its citywide alert system.
-November 2010: Sex Worker Advocates Highlight New Orleans Human Rights Violations at United Nations.

2009 Reporting:
-October 2009: Investigations of Gretna police actions on Crescent City Connection after Katrina.
-November 2009: Local activist fights unfair charges.
-December 2009: Former New Orleans Black Panther and criminal justice activist passes on.

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