Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday Candlelight Vigil for Adolph Grimes III, Thursday Meeting for Consent Decree

This announcement comes from the family of Adolph Grimes III:
The Grimes family will be hosting a candlelight vigil on Monday, August 16th at 6 PM on the corner of Governor Nicholls and Claiborne (1700 block side) in New Orleans. The vigil will take place on what would have been Adolph Grimes III’s birthday. Adolph was killed by police fire New Year’s Day 2009. See this CNN news story for more information.
Next week, Community United for Change will also have a meeting to gather input for the Consent Decree that community activists - supported by the initiative of Louisiana Justice Institute - have been drafting to present to the Department of Justice. This Consent Decree, it is hoped, will become a contract between the federal government, the city of New Orleans, and the
community. According to Community United for Change:
We must insure that every possible effort has been made to include as many people of New Orleans as possible. It is therefore necessary for the community to come together at least one last time to ensure all voices are heard and that all persons are clear with the direction we want the Consent Decree to go.

CUC is excited to announce a final meeting of the Peoples Consent Decree forum where all additions, corrections, and changes can be aired publicly for the crafting of the final draft of this important document. This meeting will be Thursday, August 19, beginning at 6:00pm at the Treme Community Center

We are encouraging everyone who has any interest in making the contract a living document that can reduce the brutality, harassment, disrespect, inhumanity, and murder of the Black and the poor residents of New Orleans, to come and take the time to put your footprint on this Consent Decree.
For more information you can contact CUC at 504-251-2201 or

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