Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Victims of Police Brutality and Community Leaders Demand US Justice Department widen its Probe of NOPD

A newly formed coalition, Community United for Change, will be holding a picket line and press conference to announce their demand to US Attorney General Eric Holder and the US Justice Department to widen their present investigation of the NOPD to include all instances of police violence, abuse and murder over the past 30 years.

* When: Tuesday April 20, @ 11:00 am
* Where: 600 Camp Street
* Who: Community United for Change

"We don't want the investigation to look at just 8 instances of abuse. We believe there are scores of victims in our community and scores of murderers and abusers on the NOPD" said Peggy Williams. Family members of victims who have received no relief on the local level will join with families who are currently included in the 8 cases being investigated. Together they will add their voices to demand an enlarged probe.

The Assistant US Attorney Perez stated that the New Orleans Police department is suffering from a "Crisis of Confidence", He continued by saying, "I'm very, very disturbed by the allegation we're investigating . . . We certainly intend to use every law enforcement tool at our disposal to ensure that wrongdoing is uncovered and that in the long-term systems are put into place to prevent these problems from happening".

Organizers of of CUC said that they "are holding Perez to his words by demanding that an enlargement of the federal investigation be given to all acts of deprivation by the NOPD."

They also will announce the convening of a public hearing to be held at 6pm, Thursday, April 22 at St. James AME Fellowship Hall on 219 N. Derbigny Street. The public hearing will take testimony from victims, witnesses and family members of the deceased to present to the US Justice Department in support of our demand to widen the probe.

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Anonymous said...

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