Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force Announces 2011-2012 Parade Season

From our friends at the New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force:
New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force announces the 2011-2012 second-line parade season with a press conference and Ambassador Awards ceremony on Friday, August 26. Please join us as we release the 2011/12 parading schedule and theme: Parading for Peace. We also will thank our ambassador, community leaders who are advocating for the traditions of the second-line, while serving as positive role models for our young people through their own personal and professional successes in New Orleans.

The 2011/12 Second-Line Ambassador is New Orleans native actor Wendell Pierce, star of the hit HBO series “Treme.” All social aid and pleasure club members as participants, as well as members of the media and the public with an interest in our city’s unique culture, are invited to attend this event.

Friday, August 26, 3pm
Congo Square, Armstrong Park

The New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force is a collective of clubs that adhere to the traditions of local African-American benevolent societies, with roots dating to the 19th century. As the Task Force, we advocate for the protection and perpetuation of these traditions within the context of a contemporary New Orleans.

Member clubs and the Task Force endeavor to strike a balance between the celebration of our culture, through annual second-line parades, and engagement in the social challenges facing our city today. We sponsor youth programs, community resource events, and targeted projects to assist our community members in need. In addition, we partner with local campaign for peace SilenceIsViolence to counter the culture of violence that grips our city. This year’s theme, Parading for Peace, is an outgrowth of that partnership. Watch for events throughout the year designed to engage the community in making our city safer.

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