Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Appeal in Anti-Muslim Conviction Set for Tomorrow in New Orleans

We urge all supporters of justice to come tomorrow at 9:30am to the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to support the defendants in the "Holy Land Five" case.

Oral arguments for the defendants' appeal in the Holy Land Five case are tomorrow morning. The largest Muslim charitable organization in the US in 2001, the Holy Land Foundation became a poster child for the Bush administration's campaign against organizations that "aid and abet" entities on the US' list of terrorist organizations.

This case sent a chilling message to charitable givers, and particularly Muslim charitable givers, in the earliest days of the "war on terror" that continues to drastically affect organizing and fundraising work in Muslim, Arab, immigrant, and solidarity communities. If you can, please come out for tomorrow's arguments--show the Fifth Circuit that New Orleans supports a justice system that serves all of our people.

Oral Arguments in the Holy Land Foundation Appeal
Tomorrow, Thursday, 9:30am
Fifth District Court of Appeals
600 Camp St, New Orleans
(Must Bring Photo ID to be Admitted)

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