Friday, May 13, 2011

Listen! Literacy and Arts Festival Next Weekend

One of New Orleans' most inspiring success stories is 2-Cent Entertainment. As we've written before, 2-Cent Entertainment is a remarkable New Orleans-based arts and activist collective who have built a national reputation for creating videos that are both informative and entertaining. They have received major national awards and rave reviews in the media. Their videos regularly get thousands of views, and the most popular have been seen millions of times.

Through all their success, their dedication to social justice has never wavered. They have a large local fan base who have been inspired by their commitment to building and supporting community. They have donated thousands of books to local students, and taught free classes to youth. Their videos address important issues and they lift up local voices.

Next weekend, 2-Cent will be taking another huge leap forward with Listen! Literacy and Arts Festival. From 2-Cent's description:
2-cent brings you a fun outdoor festival with a purpose. Listen! is an event put on by a collection of young people using literacy and art to address the issues facing the community. It's this generation's opportunity to use their talents in literary arts, music, visual arts, and film to inspire change. We feel an urgent need to focus on the violence and the education crisis. This is an opportunity for the youth to come together in a collective voice. All we ask is that the city come and listen.
Among the highlights of the fest are performances by Dee-1, Kourtney Heart, and Mannie Fresh, plus lots more. Listen! starts on noon on Saturday, May 21, at 2523 Bayou Road. We'll see you there.

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