Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday Secondline to Save Charity Hospital

From our friends at SaveCharityHospital.com:

On Thursday, September 2, 2010, join SaveCharityHospital.com, the Treme Brass Band, The Hot 8 Brass Band, Free Agents Brass Band, Original Brass Band and Pinstripe Brass Band, on a secondline/march from Charity Hospital to City Hall to deliver thousands of your petitions to Mayor Landrieu.

The march begins at 4:45PM, at 1532 Tulane Ave.

Help us keep our word and make Mitch Landrieu keep his. We told him we would get 10 000 people to sign the petition cards to Reopen Charity Hospital as a hospital. He said he would listen and has an open mind.

We are more than halfway there! Help us reach our goal.

Reopening Charity Hospital is the fastest, most sensible and sustainable way to restore healthcare, jobs, a state-of-the-art teaching hospital, and economic development to New Orleans. We can build it without further borrowing – with money already in hand. Current plans lack funding and will cause unknown delays.

Reopening Charity Hospital also saves an historic neighborhood by providing an alternate, less destructive, opportunity for the VA Medical Center to build next to Claiborne Avenue – closer to the heart of the medical district.

Reopening Charity Hospital is the faster, less expensive, less destructive, and sustainable solution!

Tell Your Friends!

Photo above of 2009 Secondline to Save Charity by Abdul Aziz.

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