Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcoming Event: The Episcopal Church in Louisiana and the 19th Century Slave Trade

As a part of Trinity Episcopal Church's Wednesday Night Program, the Church has organized a presentation titled "The Episcopal Church in Louisiana and the 19th Century Slave Trade." The following is a press release on the event:

"On Wednesday evening February 3. 2010m at 6:30 PM Trinity Church is presenting a program on how churches in our diocese supported slavery in various ways in the 19th century. Until the Civil War, slave holders' wealth was an essential part of south Louisiana;s economy. A historian at Tulane University, Michael Goldston, has been working with the Episcopal Diocesan Anti-Racism Committee, helping us to learn more about slavery and the Episcopal Church.

Our work is part of the National Church's effort to face up to our past so that we can move forward towards a deeper reconciliation. On February 3, Michael will give a talk on his detailed primary research. Panelists to respond are: the Rev. Phoebe Road, Nell Bolton, and Corinne Barnwell. Another expert who will respond is Rosanne Adderley, Ph.D., historian at Tulane University. For more information, call William Barnwell at (504) 862-0311. "

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