Tuesday, February 2, 2010


17 Years, 25 Days. It’s been that long, yet it seems like just yesterday when a 15 year old high school student, her mom, and God, gave me the best gift ever imaginable. I became an adoptive mother. So I write this blog with some emotion, and I speak this truth from the perspective of a parent and a Christian – not a Thief.

See, real parents, real Christians don’t steal children. Let’s not mince words, and CNN – PLEASE – make your reporters ask the hard questions. The Idaho Baptist who entered Haiti illegally, took non-orphaned children from their parents, and planned to secret them cross borders are human traffickers. Not parents, and certainly not Christians.

My God teaches charity. So when I see Haitians starving, and parents desperate to feed their children, I know my obligation is to do everything I can to provide resources so that these men and women can provide for their children. For the $1,500 - $2,000 each of these Idaho residents spent to travel to Haiti to steal these 33 children – supposedly to give them better lives – they could have donated $33,000 to those parents.

And with this act of charity – with this understanding of the heart-wrenching grief those Haitian men and women had to have felt when releasing their sons and daughters to strangers from a different land, simply because they are too poor to feed the people MOST PRECIOUS to them – Rev. Clint Henry and the Central Valley Baptist Church congregation would have provided more evidence of humanity and the certainty of a God than many Haitians have seen in weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Alleged xtians introduce their children to theft at a buffet restaurant, placing a bag under the table for all to participte in stealing bacon for their Sunday morning breakfast at home.
Then they wonder why they have to pick the kid up for shoplifting.