Thursday, February 28, 2013

Israeli Propaganda Event at UNO Fails Miserably

On Thursday afternoon, an Israeli soldier headlines at an event at University of New Orleans, speaking in support of Israeli military occupation and apartheid. The event was part of a tour sponsored by Stand With Us, a notorious right-wing propaganda organization. The soldier was not just racist against Arabs and a former participant in the illegal armed occupation of Palestinian land - she had previously blogged that as a student she led a campaign to "shut down" the African Studies Department at the University of Arizona and take away the tenure of the head of the department.

According to reports from the event, the room was initially full. Many wore red shirts with names of children killed by IDF soldiers taped to the front. The soldier started telling a story about a "terrorist" she caught and said "I hope none of you are wearing his name." As the video below shows, as soon as the soldier started speaking the room almost completely emptied out.

Of those who stayed, most were protestors who challenged the pro-military propaganda with difficult questions. Two protestors also stood at the front of room holding up a recent photo from a funeral for Palestinian children killed by an Israeli missile strike on Gaza.

The action was the latest in a long history of Palestine activism in New Orleans.

Update: For a more thorough description of the event, see this link.

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Political Shitblaster said...

History of Palestinian activism? Where is the outrage over the RTA contract with Veolia, which runs Jim Crow bus lines in occupied Palestine?

Low-hanging fruit. Veolia OUT!