Thursday, May 5, 2011

Public Outcry on Police Corruption Leads to Suspension of Police Commander

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced today that he has suspended 8th District Police Commander Edwin Hosli, who had come under fire after revelations that a company he formed had profited by managing police reviews of traffic camera violations. In addition, the release on March 28 of an internal report that revealed widespread problems at the 8th district (download the report at this link) had brought further pressure on Hosli, as well as Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas, who is reportedly a close friend and ally of Hosli. Serpas was not in attendance for the announcement.

The revelations about Hosli and the 8th district had unleashed a floodgate of criticism in forums such as WBOK, the city's only Black-owned talk radio station. Many critics of police corruption see these charges as an indictment of not just the 8th District, but of Serpas' job as police chief, and by extension of Landrieu's choice of Serpas.

Mitch Landrieu campaigned on the promise of reform of the NOPD, and pledged a national search for a new police chief. When members of Landrieu's task force on the search for a new police chief resigned in protest, saying that they were not being meaningfully consulted on the search, many suspected that the national search was an illusion. The selection of Serpas, a childhood friend of Landrieu, seemed to confirm these suspicions.

Since his appointment, Serpas has worked overtime to assuage community concerns, making many public appearances and patiently answering questions at neighborhood forums and on WBOK's popular morning call-in show. However, these new revelations have brought back the initial public suspicion of Landrieu's choice.

The Mayor no doubt hopes that his quick suspension of Hosli will be enough to stem the tide of public anger. Will he prove correct?


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Hi YTracie - Would you please finally put your online public records concept to work and do a PR request on the original contract, emails and documents behind this boondoggle?

In Jefferson Parish a judge's wife and a former New Orleans councilman (R) (Bryan Wagner) were fiund to be getting 3.2% of the take on the program, which was over $20 million in revenues befroe they turned this disastrous contraption off.

Please look into what the program and deal was in Orleans.


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Hosli was behind this too:

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List of Those Who Should Recuse Themselves
From Further Investigations:
1. NOLA's Mayor MITCH
2. Serpas the Chief of Police
3. The NOLA Inspector General
4. Metairie Politicos
5. The NOLA DA Cannizaro. Include his daughter
As well who he had a legislator propose special
state legislation so he could keep her on the payroll.
This state legislator wasn't even a member ofnthe NOLA
Delegation. This NOPD Scandal involves buddies of the DA
As well.
Don't be fooled, before this is all over, the USDOJ
will have all involved singing, "Cla Clink, not Cha Chang".
USDOJ ain't half A's stupid A's NOLA's poor thinkers and
poorly educated dupes called voters. Sorry...
Mitch, Serpas, Hosli, et al are longtime
buddies And old politicos. Many implicated
in the current scandal are even related family
and friends.
Mitch has the audacity to keep a straight face knowing
all this and still refuses to recuse himself from
investigations involving his friends?
Not good Mitch, not good at all!

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I am still trying to recover my $2,000 laptop from the sheriff's department in Lake Charles. They deny any involvement because the surveilance tapes don't indicate the officer took the computer from my trunk(while I was inside an ambulance,sent at the request of the officer-not me)I have a witness who saw the officer remove my computer,but now the department tells me that as far as they are concerned,the case is closed! I am wondering just how much corruption is there in Lake Charles. The officer could barely read and write.