Friday, August 1, 2014

Hundreds in New Orleans Protest Against Israeli War Crimes

At least 600 New Orleanians joined in a protest in support of justice for Palestine. The event, called #AStreetcarNamedGaza, began at the New Orleans streetcar stop at the Carrolton and Canal Street. As nearly five streetcars were filled with activists, organizers made connections between the civil rights history of New Orleans, which involved desegregating the streetcars, and the current fight for human rights in Palestine.

As protestors got off the streetcars at Canal Street and Decatur, they were joined by hundreds more protestors and marched through the French Quarter, ending at Frenchmen Street. The Palestinian community in New Orleans has a long history of standing up for justice.

A Street Car Named Gaza from Alaa Esmail on Vimeo.

Photo by Mohan Ambikaipaker. Video by Alaa Esmail.

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Political Shitblaster said...

It's pretty ironic that your protest incorporated the streetcar, seeing as how it's run by Veolia, which operates segregated Jim Crow bus lines in Occupied Palestine; and which has also been accused of complicity in war crimes due to involvement in construction of light rail on the occupied West Bank.

Many other communities have given Veolia the boot, but in New Orleans, not a peep over racist Veolia, running the streetcar heirs of Plessy v. Ferguson (and in the name of that case, another interesting coincidence.)

I've personally tried to contact RTA chief Barbara Major on numerous occasions, to confront her on why she could possibly approve of the operating contract with company like Veolia that is complicit in Jim Crow, apartheid, and possibly war crimes. Strangely, it's impossible to get in touch with Madame Major and RTA staff absolutely won't give out her email.

Wanna get your Social Justice war on? Take it to the Canal St. RTA HQ and demand that Veolia be given the boot!