Monday, November 5, 2012

New Orleans City Council Candidate Launches Anti-Obama Attack

District B City Council candidate Eric Strachan sent out a mailer this week attacking one of his opponents for supporting Barack Obama. While President Obama is not popular in Louisiana, he is popular in New Orleans, including in the district Strachan seeks to represent. In 2008, Obama easily carried the city with 79% of the vote in New Orleans. Strachan, a Republican who switched his registration to Democratic in 2011, presents himself as a Democratic candidate, while also seeking Republican support.

In the mailer, which was paid for by the Strachan campaign, District B candidate Dana Kaplan is also attacked for being a liberal, a community organizer, and for her work with Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. Strachan also overreaches in claiming credit for establishing the Office of Inspector General. In fact, the office was approved by voters in 1995, long before Strachan's career in government began, and implemented a decade later through a push by Councilmember Shelly Midura, among others.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused, Dana tried to get the Republican endorsement through Adrian Bruneau, the vice-chair of the Orleans Parish Republican Executive committee. I wonder if all of this mud slinging began when they "Danae'd" her????

Anonymous said...

Not from NOLA, so I just looked up the results:

" Eric Strachan, a former City Hall staffer and Lower Garden District native who finished third, won almost exclusively among those well-heeled precincts."