Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Freedia And The Week New Orleans Took Over The World

Last week, New Orleans rapper Big Freedia made her national television debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Freedia, who has been quickly taking the nation by storm, performed two songs "Excuse," and "Na Who Mad."

Although the network appearance was Freedia's national television debut, she showed no sign of nervousness. The breathtaking performance featured all the dance moves New Orleanians have come to expect from a Bounce show, and all the energy audiences everywhere have come to expect from Freedia.

Coming in the same week that New Orleans filmmakers won the top award at Sundance Film Festival, and soon after some long-deserved recognition for Mardi Gras Indians and local organizers, we hope this represents a resurgence for New Orleans, led by our brilliant artists and community activists.

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