Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On Heels of Shooting, B.W. Cooper Residents Deliver Petition to Mayor for Job Training

From our friends at Stand with Dignity:
Community members of B.W. Cooper were joined today by members of Stand with Dignity from the Iberville Community to deliver to Mayor Landrieu a 295-signature petition for job training in the Iberville redevelopment. Residents were disappointed at the Mayor’s lack of urgency on the issue of job training in low income communities.

After the tragic death of a baby girl this weekend in B.W. Cooper, community members from B.W. Cooper and Iberville join together to demand an end to the violence through job training and access to jobs. The petitioners today were asking for training in Iberville so that when the redevelopment starts, there will be an opportunity for low income residents to start a new career in a city that is under construction and will be for years to come. The Mayor has said he is trying to Save Our Sons, but to do that he will have to make sure that there are jobs for our sons, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers.

Mark Harris, member of Stand with Dignity explained to the mayor, “15 months ago you came to Iberville to ask the residents what they wanted to see happen to Iberville, how they wanted to see it rebuilt, and would they be interested in the training that would be coming. We are here today to give you those answers as experts on our own community.”

“Yesterday, at the vigil in B.W. Cooper, the mayor asked us how we could end the violence in our community. I told him, these guys need jobs.” said Latoya Lewis, “I was disappointed that he was so naive to say that we just need to teach them how to stop killing each other- what kind of a plan is that? Do we just stand out in the street and tell guys with guns—No no, don’t do that?”

“It is a shame that I am living in a city with so much work to be done and this Christmas, for the second year in a row I cannot provide even simple gifts for my kids.” Said Keith Sims, “Mr. Mayor we need jobs and training with pay in our community- this is a crisis and we can’t wait any longer.”

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