Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Grown Ugly

Dr. Angela Barthe died yesterday morning of complications due to breast cancer, a disease that plagues far too many women in our community. I didn’t have the opportunity to know Dr. Barthe well. We had met on several occasions. She had an incredibly warm personality. Just as important, Dr. Barthe had an excellent reputation as a caring physician, and delighted in her profession as pediatrician because of her love for children.

Dr. Angela Barthe was home grown beauty.

Dr. Barthe was the wife of City Council member Jon Johnson. As we can all understand, Jon is grieving terribly the loss of his wife while simultaneously making arrangements for her funeral and comforting their young daughter. Mayor Landrieu sent a press release expressing his condolences, as did most council members.

Most. Not all. Despite the admonitions by her fellow council members, Stacy Head has decided to convene an Emergency Council Meeting tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., to discuss tardy sewerage and water board fees. No doubt, tardy sewerage and water board charges are a financial burden to this community. But Ms. Head is not convening the meeting tomorrow because this 2:00p is urgent – the $91 million city budget deficit will not close at 2:30p because of Stacy’s meeting. No, Stacy is convening this 2:00p meeting because she knows Council member Johnson will not be able to attend and, therefore, she believes it the perfect opportunity to embarrass and chastise further Council member Cynthia Hedge Morrell who, by-the-by, is Stacy’s declared opponent for the Council-at-Large seat being vacated by Arnie Fielkow. Despicable, nasty politics.

Hearing these latest Head tomfoolery, I am reminded that it was only last year when Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was targeted and gunned by the dark forces of intolerance and hatred that is the heinous underbelly of politics in this country. It was President Barack Obama who urged us to move forward in unity and civility, believing "we can be better." Mrs. Head didn’t hear that message, and continues to place politics above humanity.

Council member Stacy Head is home grown ugly.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Ms. Head should take a lesson from how politely and genteelly politics are practiced by the LJI and Ms. Tracie Washington.

Anonymous said...

I love you you are perpetuating the long-disproved "politics caused Jared Loughner to go on a rampage" nonsense when the past six months of news coverage has made it objectively clear he is certifiably insane and has no coherent beliefs of any sort. Speaking of despicable.

Anonymous said...

here isjust one link to the comprehensive news coverage of his mental illness which you have conveniently ignored since last January http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jun/30/nation/la-na-loughner-20110630