Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Local and National Coalition Sponsors Right To Return Weekend

Survivors Village, Mayday New Orleans, and other activists concerned about housing are sponsoring a series of actions this weekend as part of the national month of action sponsored by a national coalition sponsored by the Miami organization Take Back The Land.

According to an announcement for the weekend of events:
Five years after the failure of the government-sponsored levee system flooded 80% of New Orleans, over 150,000 people are still not home. Many of them were Black and poor.

Many former residents of New Orleans have chosen not to come home for many different reasons, but the residents of public housing did not have the opportunity to choose. All but one of the public housing developments were first surrounded by 10 feet barbed wire fencing, then eventually demolished.

Residents were promised new improved neighborhoods, with less density and more amenities. We know know that this was all lies. The former residents of these developments have been given vouchers that are worthless except to slum landlords that are now making great profits by renting substandard housing to poor people. The new upgraded housing is being reserved for the middle class, whites, students, and police officers! Most of the former residents are being excluded. The people who were living on this land have an unconditional right to return to their former homes.
Below is the schedule of this weekend's events, some of which will involve nonviolent direct action.

Day 1: Friday May 28, 12:00 noon.
Right to Return Rally/Protest: Let the People In!

Day 2: Saturday May 29, 9:00am.
Action against land grabs by developers & crooks! Our Communities Our Responsibility. All vacant land should be developed by the community for the community!

Day 3: Sunday May 30, 9:00am.
Action to fight against the problem of homelessness.
60,000 vacant buildings, 20,000 people homeless!! End homelessness Now!

All actions located at the 3800 block St. Bernard Ave.

Survivors Village is affiliated with the national Take Back The Land Movement. Right to Return Weekend co-sponsored by Mayday New Orleans.

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Jeff Goldman said...

I am confused. Why do former public housing residents have a right to return to land that doesn't belong to them, to live in buildings they don't own?

The government and their neighbors were kind enough to provide them with reduced rent housing for years. When did that charity transform into a right?

And even one concedes that the government does have an obligation to house them, why does it have to do so in the same city and in the same manner in which they were housed before? The old adage about beggars and choosers comes to mind.