Monday, October 5, 2009

Louisiana Republicans Continue to Hold Back Nation

In today's Washington Post, Governor Jindal declared the debate on health care "over," and also made the unusual claim that the so-called public option, which enjoys the support of a majority of the people in this country, is "passe." The alternative health care "reforms" he offers range from the completely off-topic (tort reform) to small changes that can best be compared to treating a gunshot wound with a band aid (electronic medical records).

Senator David Vitter, when not calling attention to his own vices by attacking ACORN for support of prostitution, is also holding up environmental reform. He has put a hold on the nomination of Dr. Paul Anastas for the position of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Assistant Administrator of the Office of Research and Development, apparently as part of an effort to block the EPA from issuing a draft environmental standard regarding formaldehyde. Dr. Beverly Wright of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (pictured above) has written a letter to Senator Vitter, saying, "While companies dedicated to defending the status quo of emitting toxic pollution and manufacturing harmful products may be pleased with your decision, we are not."

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