Thursday, March 12, 2009

LJI Resists Government Intrusion

In the case of The Council of the City of New Orleans vs. Tracie Washington and the Louisiana Justice Institute, the city council failed to confiscate LJI's computers, hardware, and network for examination.

The Honorable Judge Lloyd Medley Jr. heard arguments from LJI's counsel, Clarence Roby, and the City Council's attorney as well as the City Attorney in his courtroom this morning. Attorneys from the opposition requested that the court order LJI to relinquish possession of LJI's computers, emails, and server. In addition, the opposition also requested that the court order LJI to turn over any and all information obtained as a result of LJI's legal and valid public records request filed on December 3, 2008.

Judge Medley ruled that LJI is not responsible for turning over any information to the City Council. In turn, Judge Medley ruled that the information received via the public records request be turned over to him in camera for his team of legal clerks to determine if any of the information could be deemed privileged.

Rebuffed, opposing counsel made a final attempt to discredit the integrity of LJI by requesting that the court bar our organization from altering any metadata pertaining to the information that was received. Judge Medley declined to do so, saying that LJI and its counsel had complied to each of the court's requests and he has no reason to believe that LJI would not continue to act in good faith.

From the entire LJI family, we thank our local, state, and national network of advocates and friends who have offered their support via telephone messages, emails, and who appeared in court this morning en masse. Our friends and allies packed the courtroom and spilled out into the adjoining hall.

This is not LJI's fight alone. It is a battle over free and open access to our government and our ability to hold elected officials accountable. The City Council and the City of New Orleans attempted to stifle our voices. So far, they have failed. This fight is far from over. LJI will continue to resist the government's attempt to raid our offices and our computers to examine our work product and, more importantly, the files of our clients and partners.

Stay tuned as we continue to update you on the progress of these proceedings.

Yours in the struggle,

The LJI Family


Anonymous said...

Ms. Washington’s public record request encompassing certain emails belonging to New Orleans City Council members has catapulted to what appears to now be a big mess. Albeit perhaps unwittingly, the critical underlying thing that become exposed via Ms. Washington, is the fact that the Louisiana powers-that-be, particularly in New Orleans, are infamous for utilizing Louisiana court systems to accomplish whatever agenda it sees fit! Civil Rights or Constitutional violations are of no moment when it comes to ensuring the successfulness of the purposes of CRONYISM –and others who benefit from, or are “well-connected” to the public trough.

The ebb and flow of Banana Republic, New Orleans is not so visible AS LONG AS New Orleans citizens STAY IN THEIR PLACE, or purport an attitude of ineptness, laissez fare, indifference, ‘what’s in it for me’, or quid pro quo. But, when anything or anyone’s action or activism appears to encroach upon the ELITE, there becomes ample opportunities to see how dirty deeds get done through use of Louisiana’s Federal as well as State court systems. (And usually, if “forum-shopping” a State Court case to federal court will better serve the needs of the powerful, they will simply –with the help of corrupt sources like this New Orleans Judge Lloyd Medley and Orleans Parish Clerk of Court Dale N. Atkins– “remove” the case –whether or not removal grounds exists.

Such an appalling way of life is the “Louisiana way.” Luckily, all good things sooner or later come to an end –even for the well-connected. The following are links to Prima Facie evidence, facts, and examples of how / why political agendas in New Orleans (along with persons unwillingly cooperate if they want to be able to put food on their tables), can be arrogantly confident of either SUCCESS or of RUINING (as well as privacy invasion issues) the person (OR the business) whose activities are in opposition to political agendas of those who feed at the ‘public trough’, and who have been enjoying public perks for a very long time. The Tracie Washington - City Council saga will be eye opening how Judge Medley INVENTS rules and DELAYS judicial proceedings. (It could also be popcorn, soda, and sofa watching entertain.) Visit for court documents, transcript excepts, and other extensive proof of New Orleans Judicial Corruption.

Personally, I believe neither Ms. Washington, nor her team stands a chance because, unlike a person who is not a member of the bar, the usual course they seek is suspension or disbarment, even if no justification exist for such. Unfair disbarment or sanctions or suspensions or blackballing are effective Louisiana tactics for ensuring lawyers don’t get besides themselves. (Such are also good reasons for not throwing one’s funds into becoming a member of its Bar –unless one is an offspring of the judges whose kids receive full law scholarships. Also, the obvious axe I have to grind about New Orleans Judicial Corruption IS NOT confined to my personal woes and experiences, but rather I ache for likely thousands of New Orleans victims –many of whom, despite my personal battles, still beg me for any help I can provide them. This confined dustup with Ms. Washington embroils people who can afford legal representation. But there is an untold story yet to be revealed about the field day that was had –and the cases that got tossed and records removed from Clerk Atkins’ record room. Some of those Katrina-exiled people are suffering incredible injustices due to political cronyism, greed, and injustice!!!)


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Barbara Ann Jackson
Law & Grace, Inc

Anonymous said...

Government intrusion? As crappy as it is, that's my elected government you're talking about. I didn't elect you. Considering your latest screw-up with emails (and that fact that you don't even know what's controversial and what's reasonable), you're no better than the government. In fact, I'd like to see Tracie Washington take whatever punishment my elected government is willing to mete out for the latest fiasco she perpetrated. Stop pretending to "fight the man" and do some real good.