Monday, September 29, 2008

Eugenics Is Not A Laughing Matter

Watch Rep. John LaBruzzo defend his sterilization proposal on CNN:

Friends in Louisiana and Beyond:

Well, here we are again, our wonderful state of Louisiana in the national news. Unfortunately, we have not been placed in the spotlight for our great music, festivities, or food. No, for the past week we have been the target of very deliberate ‘dumb-southerners' humor, thanks to Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo's call to sterilize all poor and low-income people, as a budgeting alternative.

Eugenics is no laughing matter, however. So many of us returned to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina to improve our state and, hopefully, repair its image as a corrupt, backward ‘Island of Ignorance.' We cannot afford to tolerate Rep. LaBruzzo's brand of divisive politics and ignorance.

Our Louisiana legislators could simply ignore their colleague, but we say no. We want these state leaders to state united - Democrats and Republicans - and condemn Rep. LaBruzzo's call for sterilization legislation. Thus, an online petition has been launched in support of this effort. Please go to and sign our petition.

Additionally, please share this email with your friends, neighbors, and family members all over this country. Help us spread the word and encourage our Louisiana Legislators to condemn Rep. John LaBruzzo's reprehensible proposal.

United, we can make a difference.

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