Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lawsuit Filed Challenging the Closure of Charity Hospital

The Louisiana Justice Institute joined other organizations, health professionals, patients, public safety and legal advocates, elected officials, faith and community leaders at a press conference today to announce the lawsuit challenging the closure of New Orleans' Rev. Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital.

The healthcare crisis in the Greater New Orleans community continues. Tens of thousands of working poor people, children, elderly and others across the Metro New Orleans community still cannot get the healthcare they need. While several neighborhood clinics have opened and are providing primary care to thousands, most of these clinics provide only primary care and have no place to refer their patients for medically essential specialty and tertiary care and advanced diagnostic services.

Press Conference participants included;
  • Former patients of Charity Hospital who have agreed to serve as plaintiffs and class representatives in this legal action
  • Healthcare and social service professionals
  • Neighborhood health clinic operators
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Advocates for equitable access to healthcare
  • Community Leaders
  • LJI President & CEO Tracie L. Washington along with other attorneys from New Orleans, Boston, Phoenix and Seattle, representing the class of plaintiffs legally entitled to healthcare services formerly provided at Charity Hospital in New Orleans and its affiliated clinics.

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